From the fairways of the Coachella Valley to the top of the Palm Springs Tram 102.3 KJJZ fills the air with Smooth Jazz!


Lynn Hughes - Middays

As an air personality for 25 years, Lynn has the perfect sound for smoothing out your workday (she's a massage therapist too). She began her radio career in 1970 at legendary progressive rocker KSAN. Let Lynn's special blend of smooth jazz massage your soul, middays on 102.3 KJJZ.


Keith Riker - Afternoons

Keith's warmth, wit and deep, mellow voice make him the ideal companion at work or for unwinding during the drive home. Keith is in big demand for commercial voice-over work. Afternoons are smoother with Keith Riker on 102.3 KJJZ.

Cheri Marquart - Evenings

Cheri is the eighteen-year broadcast veteran who keeps your evenings smooth. Smooth Jazz listeners enjoy her soothing style and depth of background about the music and artists. She's also the primary voice for one of the nation's largest phone service providers. Let Cheri smooth out your evenings on 102.3 KJJZ.


Steve Michaels - Evenings

Steve is the perfect companion for a relaxing evening. He has held on-air programming positions at Smooth Jazz stations WNWV in Cleveland and KLSK in Albuquerque, as well as in a variety of other radio formats over three decades. With a long background in format syndication, Steve served for nine years as format director at TM Programming and Drake-Chenault. A dog lover, Steve is most at home outdoors, gardening, hiking, camping and traveling.


Paul Riann - Late Night

With over three decades in radio, Paul Riann, with his smooth voice, easy-going style and musical knowledge, makes it easy for listeners to relax and unwind. Paul's rich background as an air personality and program director has included positions in markets like Houston, Denver and Spokane. He has also embarked on a writing career. Overnights are smoother, the "Riann way", on 102.3 KJJZ your Smooth Jazz Station in Palm Springs.